Friday, August 5, 2011

we got orders!

on the 3rd my hubby came home with tears in his eyes and told me that we finally got our orders! After all the waiting,trying and hoping they did not delete the orders and we are going to Ft. Hood!
To be honest,I don't have much to say! In this house we only have been fighting like crazy ever since! Maybe it's my mood? Maybe it is because I'm stupid and I forgot to take the pill 2 weeks ago and since then I'm very scared I'm pregnant again! Or maybe it is because I have the feeling I'm totally alone in this being a parent thing:(My hubby is absolutely no help lately and he just makes me mad and I'm pissed at him 24/7....thats not good,not good at all:(

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm still alive!

Yeah, even if it seems I'm not!
The last few weeks have been really busy! I enjoyed finally having my hubby back from wlc, then spendingt long weekends at my moms house, since we still don't have any orders!
Last Friday we went to Frankfurt to the special doc to get my medical fir the visa done. It wasn't too bad! Of course I was scared before the appointment!
We had to get up really early( they do walk ins only!) and drove 1 1/2 hours from my moms house to Frankfurt. It started out bad because we did not find any parking in the street the doc was. So we just parked somewhere where it was forbidden to park and Clay wanted to go back and just try to find another spot somewhere. When we gt to the doc office I just asked the ladies and of course they had parking behind the building, lol, we just did not see it! I went inside and got a number( I was the 3rd person that day) and they told me to go upstairs. There a lady greeted me and gave me a piece of paper I had to fill out. They jsut wanted to know what kind of illnesses I have and my address and so on... After around 10 minutes she called me inside a tiny office and just went through the paper I just filled out, took my weight and I had to pay the money. She gave me a receipt for the bloodwork and send me downstairs again. There they took an xray from my torso and took some blood too, then I had to go upstairs again and wait for the real doctor. We waited for around20 minutes, then I was called inside, He took my blood pressure,listened to my heart and lungs ans asked me some questions. He then told me I should loose some weight and then I was already done! We just spent 1 1/2 hours over there total.We were lucky,I heard stories of other people waiting 4 hours!!!
Now I'm only waiting to hear back from the Konsulat,so I know when my interview is!

Right now I'm barely blogging because I have my hands full with a teething Linus who wants my attention the whole time.I'm even struggling to do all the household chores somedays! thats how bad it is right now!!!!I will have more time this weekend when Clay can take over!