About me


My name is Sarah but some special peopel also call me mama Sarah, German princess, Schatzie or mama:)
I found the love of my life on myspace( yes, I wrote him first lol) and after a few months of getting to know each other, meeting and  a long 15 months deployment we got married:)
 After we got married we had to wait a year until we could finally move in together( THANKS ARMY!) and on January 10th 2010 , so on our 1st wedding anniversary, we finally moved into housing in Vilseck on post.
Shortly after, we found out that we had a little miracle on the way:)

og course shortly after, my love deployed to Afghanistan! He missed almost the whole pregnancy ( of course he only saw me being miserable and sick the first 4 months!), he missed the birth and he missed the first 6 months of our little chunky!
when we said our good byes!

 On December 15th 2010 the day was finally here: Linus was born at 6.50 pm weighting 8 pounds and 10 ounces. He was 22 inches long, our little chunky:)

6 months later on June 1st we finally welcomed home daddy too:)

Ever since the homecoming life has been perfect again! Right now we are waiting on orders because we are about to PCS in October! So many more adventures to come, I promise!

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