Friday, September 18, 2009

Paris here we come=)

Well, yesterday my Schatzie told me, that he just booked a hotel for us in Paris. I'm sooooo excited!
He said if we don't go now, we will never go. We are already thinking about having babies soon, we wanted to try during his R&R when he will be gone on his 2nd deployment next year. So he really is right, you never know whats going to happen:)
So on October 10th, early in the morning, we will be heading to Paris by train. I really cant wait!
The weekend before that, he will be going to the Oktoberfest in Munich, with 2 or 3 of his best buddies. His best buddy is leaving for ranger schoon on the 16th, so they wanted to do sth together, before he has to leave...

This is the homepage of our hotel

It looks so charming, I hope its going to be a good one=)
When we wanted to go to Paris during his last R&R last year, I already had a look at hotels and everything. But the ones I really liked were already booked out:( So Clay just choose one he found online and I'm impressed lol
I jsut had a look online what kind of Restaurants and Cafes are close to our Hotel, so we know where to go and eat lol ( I know I know, Im crazy about things like that lol)
I will keep you all updated=)

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