Saturday, April 2, 2011


What does that mean?
That means my husband is coming home next month! YAY:)
I'm still pissed and sad, because he is one of the last ones to come home and almost everybody is coming home earlier:( That hurts!!! But as long as he will be coming home safe and sound, all is good! I'm just trying to occupy myself the next 2 months until he is home and not look at any homecoming pics until then... lol

The last few days were kind of busy and we will still be busy until Monday.
On Thursday we went eating out at Chilis in Ramstein with a good old friend, her son, my mom, my granny and of course little L:) It was fun and Linus did so great there! He was happy and as soon as our food was ready he fell asleep and slept until we were done with eating! Have I mentioned how much I love him lately?:D

Yesterday ( Friday) I drove to Vogelweh to send some boxes home to me. We were afraid that not all our stuff would fit in the car lol And 2 very good friends came to visit me yesterday. Rebecca and Angi. It was fun. We got Chinese take out that night too.

Today will be a day filled with packing,getting ready and then later tonight we are invited to my uncles house for dinner. Its already noon and I havent even showered yet, Linus is still in his pjs and we still did not pack anything AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
We are leaving to go home to Vilseck tomorrow morning. I am so excited and I can't wait to pick up my mail finally!

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