Monday, July 11, 2011

I know, I suck

I am not a good blogger AND WAY too busy to blog lol
It's been forever since I wrote last and what should I say? Sorry?
Most of all I feel sorry for myself, because I really would love to blog more, but I never find the time too and then when a few days or lets better say weeks have passed I have no clue how to write about all the things that happened in the 5 or maybe 10 minutes little Linus give me...
Well, I should try to tell you what happened since I wrote last...
My lovely husband has been home since June 1st:) It's been perfect since he is home and to be honest I have no clue how I manged all of it without him! Every homecoming I'm not just excited, I'm also scared if something will be different or this time, if Linus will be ok, will he cry? etc Linus did great( even with out homecoming being in the middle of the night( I think it was 3 am?). He did not cry when daddy held him for the first time:) He was a real trooper and I had the feeling that he knew and felt exactly that this is hid daddy:) <3

After homecoming Clay did a 5 day reintegration and after that he took some leave days( we want to take most of the leave days when we PCS). We spent most of our leave at my moms and grannys house, since we still don't know how much longer we will have in Germany! We had a great time visiting family, having lots of BBQs in the backyard and also celebrating my Birthday with my family and friends here:) Oh and as you can see on on of these pics, Linus finally got a highchair too:) He LOVES it!

We also started my visa and went to the Konsulat in Frankfurt. I have to say it was a real adventure! We had to wait forever but thank we got all of it done and now I only need to update and renew all my shots and go to a Doctor and then I can go to Frankfurt again, for the interview. Wish me luck that we get all of this done in time lol Right now,we are not the fastest people...

We also visited the River Rhine, since my mom wanted to look at her school where she is going to be a student teacher and she needed to find an appartment too. We had a great time there:) The area is so beautiful!

During our leave we left Linus 4 days with my mom and granny and spent 3 nights in London all by our selfs. Let me tell you, the day we left Germany I cried because I felt horrible for leave Linus behind. It was the first time that I wasn't with him at night and it was horrible. We checked on him everyday by stalking my mom and writing her e mails all the time, asking if everything is ok etc...

BUT we had a wonderful time in London too. It was good for us and our married life to be alone for a change and London was great. I lost another pair of shoes( please, next time we go and take a trip to a city, remind me that I need a GREAT pair of shoes for walking around! In Paris I did the same mistake and my poor poor feet suffered A LOT. This time I had a lot of blisters again and it for sure is no fun at all, to walk hours and hours around in a city with them...I have to say, I had a lot of pain lol
London was great and we saw A LOT, but we loved Paris more:) Our BB was wonderful( except the lack of privacy in our room, but more about that another time lol)

When we came back ,we spent a few more days with my mom and granny again and then we left Linus with them again. We went back to Vilseck to get some things done( only for 2 nights though). Then Clay drove me back and spent the weekend with us,before he went back to Vilseck alone to start wlc. They told him that he would be able to come home at night, but he knew that he would be working from 5 am til 9 pm, so we decided that I stay here a few more weeks, until his wlc is over. Thank god we did, because on the first day they told him that he is not allowed to go home! ARMY, no comment! lol

So as of right now,we are just trying to pass the time and days until the 22nd, then his wlc is over and he will be coming back to get us:) We can't wait, we really miss him terribly! I have to say since he only came home a month ago and was gone for 1 year, saying goodbye sucked A LOT this time! It was even hard on mu hubby:( But it's not too long this time:) I really can't wait to have him back home with us:)

ok, I guess that was a good update on what happened since May:) Let's hope and pray I post a little more often again lol
There is always hope right?

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  1. Nice Post :) and you DONT suck you are just being a busy mommy and wife :)
    sounds like you had a great time together! praying the next few days without clay will fly by so you can have him back :)