Tuesday, October 12, 2010

omg, it's been a while!

Almost a year to be correct. It's time I start writing on here again, since I', sitting home bored most of the time anyway...

Things that happened since last October:
  • Meet Nacho! We got him from Ramsteinyardsales last Thanksgiving and he is our little buddy. He can be a handful most of the time but we are glad that we got him, we don't want to miss him anymore. I'm very glad to have him right now, since he is my only company since my love is deployed again. I love my battle buddy <3
  • We finally have been able to move in together. We got a townhouse in Vilseck on post and I really like it so far. We are having some issues with our neighbors ( mostly just one who is Rear D, home all day and just plays the bass all day or plays horrible music). But we made that house a home and it looks very comfy now:) We were also lucky with the location we got, the housing area better said. Most of the people here on post have neighbors all around them. Next to our little house unit are trees and woods and a little path were I always take Nacho for his morning walks:)We won't be stationed here much longer, we are already moving around next October.I am excited. We are hoping to be able to stay in Germany a little longer. We hope for Baumholder, but we will see:)
  • Well, since  we finally moved in together, we tried getting pregnant, of course after a lot of talking and thinking about it. I got off the pill and taaaa daaaa I'm pregnant:) I'm already in my 29th weeks, so I've been pregnant for a while. I really feel bad that I did not write on here more often. This could haven been totally my pregnancy blog, but well:) It will be ok!
  • My love had to leave me again:( On June 23rd I had to say good bye again and it really sucked big time AGAIN:( It's been the hardest day of my life all over again and even is this is our 2nd deployment, it still sucks and it is still hard!! We are already 3 months down( almost 4 yay) This is how my 2 donuts look like right now. We are going to have oue R&R really soon, I'm so excited. Is it December yet???

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