Friday, March 25, 2011


The last 2 days have been crazy! I was super busy,which is good, because it makes time fly until homecoming:)
I finally met my first Scentsy recruit and she is really nice! She is sooo excited about selling Scentsy and full of motivation. It was a great feeling to have someone like her in my team:)
I also had another Scentsy party yesterday and hope a lot of people are going to order. They all wanted to order online....
Last night was horrible. Little L. did not want to go to sleep and we were awake until 1.30 am. Let me tell you, I am exhausted because ,of course, he woke up at 8.30 this morning again lol
He made me soooo mad last night that it scared me. I was so tired and just wanted to sleep and every time I put him in the crib he started getting fuzzy... ugh! Normally he is a good sleeper and he already sleeps through the night since 4 weeks already, but last night it was just bad. Let's hope he will be better tonight, or I'm going to go nuts lol
Another update is, that we are trying to find a cute B&B in London. Yep, Mr.C took 12 days of leave in June and we want to go to London for 3 nights for a romantic getaway. Only us too and little L. is going to stay with my mom and granny. I soooo can't wait:)
oh and btw,I'm getting better and better with all these blog insider things!I have my own grab button and a link to my scentsy page now too! go me:)

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