Monday, March 21, 2011

I know, I know

It's been such a long time again, since I wrote last. So many things happened, I can't post them all on here.... Let's just say I start blogging more frequently
so I don't always have to catch up on everything that happened in my life lol
Linus is already born, well of course he is, since he was Due 3 months ago lol
He was born December 15th ( of course one day before daddy came home on R&R!!!)and labor was horrible with ( thank god ) 2 friends there with me, since my family was also not there with me. But he is here now, I'm healed again and he is over being a little colicy too:) So life is great...
it would be great, if Clay would finally be home with us and we could be a whole family again. Not much longer though:) Everybody is starting to get ready for homecoming, it's sooooo exciting:)
Right now I'm visiting my family close to Ramstein until the beginning of April. I can't wait to go back home and FINALLY check my mail again. I should have A LOT of packages, oh my :D
Right now life is ok, not too bad and it's nice to be surrounded by family right now since we don;t know how much longer we will be in Germany. It seems that we have to go to Ft Hood this winter, but we will see what happens...

Linus is my sunshine!!! He is such a happy baby ( most of the time lol) and he is starting to smile more and more often. I hope and pray that he doesnt make too much progress while Clay is away! I LOVE to see him grow,don't get me wrong, I just hate that Clay has to miss sooo much:( It seems like yesterday to me,that we had to say good by to him again, because our R&R was over. As always, it was way too short and it was not helping, that we had to say our good byes on January 1st! What should I say, it was the worst New Years day I've ever had!
But R&R was something. Not to compare to the last one we had. Clay came home when I was lying in the hospital and just had Linus a few hours earlier. I was miserable and I was so glad that he was home to help me the first few days and weeks!He was home on Christmas, Linus 1st Christmas, so that was wonderful:)
Right now we are just impatiently for homecoming! May can't get here fast enough!
Ok I promise I will try to wrote on here more often from now on:)

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