Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's always better when we are together!

Yep, this is the song of my week,because this week I've missed my better half A LOT and having him gone AGAIN made me realize, how much I need him and that it is simple better when we are together<3

What is your song of the week? Go to goodnight moon and link up too! Happy Thursday my loves!

p.s. I will have my love back tomorrow, yay:)


  1. Love this song- made me smile. I miss my man as well- 3 weeks down though.

  2. Always a big fan of Mr. Johnson! :D Great pick!

  3. I too love this song! It's always so great to know how much you need and missed someone. Thanks so much for coming over and linking up today!

  4. Nice choice. What a fun song and it's nice to listen to knowing you'll be together soon.