Monday, July 18, 2011

not a good day!

it's only 10 am and this day already sucks! Since I got my shots on Friday I was pretty much just tired and feeling blah...I guess my body was just trying to fight it!

Today I feel like I want to go home! I miss Clay, I miss home and I'm grumpy like hell! Ugh, why cant today already be over with? I want it to be Friday already...


  1. Kopf hoch. Hoffe du fuehlst dich bald wieder besser :)

  2. Hi Sarbra, I came over here from For the Love of Blogs - the critique post :) Your blog has such a great premise and story behind it! I read back a couple pages and I guess seeing that you're going through the process of getting permission to come to the states (at least that's what I guessed from what I read)...maybe give more details about that, would be my only real "critique". I think a lot of people go through what you're going through (trying to immigrate to the US) and have no idea where to start...I can imagine that it would be nice to see the story of someone who did it, in layman's terms :)

    -Tara @

    Oh and PS, it was extra cool that I ended up at your blog of all places because my husband and I are visiting Germany next month :) Berlin and Frankfurt, specifically.