Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Life is a bitch!

well, since you already know the last few days were no good ones but it seems they are getting worse and worse every day!
The last few days I was just feeling miserable, had a headache all the time( what of course I still have and doesnt seem to want to go away...) and I was just missing Clay like crazy! Nothing seemed right and nothing wanted to go right either! I was pretty pissed this morning because I seriously HATE some people on my facebook!I should realy go ahead and just delete it or delte everyone except my hubby and my family. But even then people would just complain and ask, hey why did u delete me! I'm so annoyed! Anyway, this morning there was something on facebook that made me REALLY mad! Last night I left a status on there that I'm sick and tired of being alone and sick and tired of being a single mommy. This one girl, she always knows everything better ugh, was like, yeah thats the army life sweetheart but u dont have to wait too much longer. Stuff like that always makes me mad. Seriously, I've been married for more then 2 years now and I know by know how its like to be married to a soldier. But still,every now and then I'm just sick of it and why am I not allowed to post so on my own facebook? Well,that was not all, after that I wrote, that normally stuff like wlc AND a deployment is not that close together ( my hubby came home from a 1 year deployment and he was only home  for 1 month until he went to wlc for almost another month) and that I'm just ready to be a normal family again... The the real crap just started.... She was like ( I am going to leave most of the stuff out, since its really stupid!) yeah but when I was aone in Alaska and I gave birth alone and my hubby was gone for 15 months! URGH, I am sick and tired of Army wives like that! Why is there always that stupid game, my hubby was gone longer, I was in the most horrible state ( or insert least favorite post or duty station here!), I gave birht alone or birht alone to the most kids... I HATE THAT! SHUT THE FUCK UP! the topping to that was, that she said, if I would have stayed in Bavaria, I would have been able to see my hubby every now and then AND  that my hubby volunteered to do wlc that close to a deployment because they normally dont do that. mhm yeah of course! My hubby just missed the birth of his first son and the first 6 months too, OF COURSE he signed up for it voluntarily NOT! LOL, sometimes I really wonder.... And I really did not miss the undertone,that ,if I would be the perfect good Army wife, I would have stayed in Bavaria and waited for my hubby. You have to know that I'm home with my family right now, because we are  pcsing really soon and then I'm goign to be in another country.... think about it! of course I want to spent time with my family! Really, if you have nothing nice to say,just dont say anything at all:(
I am glad thAT I  did not stay in Bavaria, because first they told my hubby that he would be able to go home every night and then on the first day of wlc they said,nope, you have to stay here the whole 3 weeks. How stupid is that?
Sorry, I really had to vent a little and I have to say I feel better now...

BUT that's not all...

I have to go to a certain kind of doctor in Frankfurt in order to get my visa to pcs to the States. My hubby wants me to do that this week, since Frankfurt is only 1 hour away from my parents house. Problem is,that somebody needs to come with me,because after I got my blood take I'm seriously not able to do much anymore,also not drive back home (yeah it really is that bad:(  )  My mom wanted to come with me but she is scared to drive back home through the city of Frankfurt. None of my friends or other family got time to drive me that early in the morning,because they all work or go to school....

that still is not all...

today I went to the doc with my mom. She had her thyroids checked out because her doc was a little worried. She was actually only prepared to go in there and being told that she has to take iron pills. Well, the doc told her that she needs surgery because it looks pretty bad and it could even be cancer. We dont know anything at this point, but we for sure need prayers our way.
It would also be horrible of me to ask her to come to Frankfurt with me, since she is devastated now and I mean who can blame her? She wont find anything out in particular until the blood results are in and she is going back to the doc. Until then we will be just hoping and praying...

So I'm just sitting here wondering. I have no clue what to do, have no clue what to think, have no cluewhat to tell my mom to make it a little better... Life just sucks right now:(

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  1. Hi there Sarah!! I am an Armywife and stationed in Germany too! We're in Ansbach, where are you?!

    Anyway, I am here from FTLOB to give you a little critique-y-poo. ;)

    Couple of things that hit me right off of the bat. (I am being nice, I promise!! Sorry that you had a bad morning!!)

    1. Your header is not centered, it's weird that the words are not within the whiteness of the background... Maybe if you made your blog size a smaller width it would all fit in there.
    2. The font is SUPER HARD to read, especially the (blue and red) color on the black background. I think it would be better on the white back ground. :)
    3. Something minor: but, it's always nice to see that buttons fit in the side bar. You can increase the size of your sidebar to fit your buttons, or you can change the HTML of the buttons to fit your side bar.

    Just read your post! Sounds like a super rough day! I am sure it will get better though, well ... I guess it IS almost tomorrow! lol. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!!

    Sometimes I think that when people post about you missing your man, they're just trying to make you feel better. I don't think you're supposed to get mad about it. ha. Maybe find a different venue to complain about the Army? Maybe it's better if you do it on your blog. haha.

    I have learned to just delete or "hide" the people that I don't like on FB... It's really worth it, even if they bitch about it later! hahaha.