Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday wishes

1. I wish it would be Friday already 

then my hubby would finally be home with me! I know, I miss him way too much and I'm a total whimp right now:(

2. I wish I would be able to go to Frankfurt this week

to finally get my medical done that is very important for my visa! As much as I hate doctors and needles ( for sure they are going to take blood, ugh) I really need to go or I won't have the visa in time when we pcs...

3. I wish my hubby would call tonight

when I get to talk to him everything always seems to be ok! He can make everything better and I need to hear from him that he loves me....

4.I wish we did not have orders to Ft. Hood

if those stupid retards wouldn't have lost our paperwork for our itt cot to stay in Germany,we would not have gotten orders to go there! Go figure! I would not have a problem to go to the States, Ft. Hood just was the least favorite place we wanted to go to!

5. I wish we would get to stay in Germany

we could spent more time with my family, have my mom and granny close to take Linus if we want to have a parents night out etc. They would be able to spent Linus first birthday with us and we would have more money here,since I get German Kindergeld,what we won't get in Texas.

6. I wish my hubby would get some more leave days after wlc!

 we wanted to keep most of our leave for when we pcs, so my hubby can help etc, but we totally forgot about the 10 days of paternity that we still have available. We wanted to take that now, so we can spent a few more days as a family after wlc, and also spent some more time with my mom and granny. My hubby wants to try to get those leave days on Friday, but it doesnt look good,that we will get them!

7. last but not least I really wish my mom would be healthy and we would no whats up with her now!

She is devastatad and we all need to know that she is ok and that the surgery is going to help! The blood results wont be there until Friday, so I guess that means more waiting:(

well,these are all my wishes for today! Make sure to go to BRIGHT WISHES and link up to!


  1. I hope everything turns out ok for your mom. Good luck with your move back to the states.


  2. Love your wishes! I hope you get to spend more time with your husband and that your mom is well. I am too in a bicultural marriage - I'm Brazilian and he's American! Glad I found your blog :)

    xo, Ana
    My (Newly)Wed Life

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